For Wildlife help call us for help on 01276 676295

We are a small group of volunteers doing our best to support local wildlife. Priority must always be given to those patients currently in our care. If you call and leave a message and do not hear from us within 20 minutes please contact another rescue or your nearest vet. We are only able to care for a limited number of creatures. As we release wildlife we have more room but this time frame cannot alwasy be predicted. Please be patient with us, we are all volunteers and we are doing our best.

All our native wildlife is innately scared of us. Shock kills. If you find an injured animal place it in a warm strong box so it cannot escape and ensure it is covered in a towel so it can hide then quickly contact your nearest rescue. Looking at the creature and talking to them will not helpIf, as a human , you were captured by a bear and taken to his cave and then told in bear language that he was going to make you better, you would not relax and many of us would die of shock. Animals are not cuddled or talked to in the wild and the only time another species touches them is when they are going to eat them. Keep calm and quiet around wildlife and do not make eye contact - SHOCK KILLS





"Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things man will not himself find peace."
Albert Schweitzer Goethe Prize (1928) Nobel Peace Prize (1952)


We are currently raising funds to move to a larger purpose built site and are seeking long term support and funding to be able to help more wildlife.


All photographs on this site are taken by us (unless stated) and are of our wildlife and we retain copyright. Please contact us if you wish to use them.


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Help us to help he wildlife we care for by donating here. Click on the button below. Just one sachet of cat food feeds a baby hedgehog for a day

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We are your local wildlife rescue and without your support we would not be able to do the work we do. Last year we treated and cared for over 1600 feathered, furred or scaled creatures.

Wildlife Rocks MeBRIAN MAY AT wildlife rocks 2014

This is our Annual Fun Day for all the family to celebrate the wonderful creatures we share our space with. It is a day full of activities and experiences that will encourage you to look at the amazing world that surrounds you. This year it was held at Guildford Cathedral on Monday May 5th .


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duck operation wildlife rescueemergency care for wildlife

If you have an injured orphan or adult creature that you can safely rescue, put them into a safe quiet strong box and keep them warm and away from people, then contact us, your nearest wildlife rescue or veterinary practice.


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Wldlife Volunteerscan you help us

There are many ways you can help us. You can help raise funds for us. You can collect food or towels in one of our drop bins. You could sponsor a hedgehog, maybe even give a wild animal a home. Why not include us in your open day or dress down day We can come along and share some of our wildlife and experiences with you.


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talkstalks from Nursery to university and beyond

Wildlife Rocks us and we just love sharing our experiences. We have "Wildlife Rocks Me" talks specifically tailored to your needs and age. We can adapt our talks to focus on the issues or projects you are interested in and we always bring some of our more sociable creatures with us.


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Fund raisingvolunteers

We are always in need of volunteers to cover many roles. Please look on our volunteers page and see if you can help us. With the invention of modern technology you will be surprised to see you can even help us from your office without moving an inch.


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childrenhold a sponsored event

There are so many ways you, your children, your school or your company can help us. Please take a look at some of our pages on sponsoring, volunteers and fund raising. There is something for absolutely everyone.

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charity mugon-line shopping

Why not shop with us directly by clicking here. Mugs, Pens, Pencils, T shirts, Cards, Memberships, Sponsorships plus many seasonal and personalised gifts.


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encouraging and discouraging wildlife


Do you have night or daytime visitor in your space that you would rather not have? Do you have some creatures you would like to encourage? Contact us for information on how to encourage or discourage wildlife into your garden.


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team badgerTEAM BADGER

Team Badger is a coalition of organisations that have teamed up to fight the planned cull of badgers. The coalition consists of the RSPCA, League Against Cruel Sports, Humane Society International/UK, Save Me, Stroud 100, Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, Animal Aid, Network for Animals, IFAW, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Blue Badger (Conservatives against the Badger Cull), Born Free and Peta, and is growing daily. We are united in our opposition to government plans to cull badgers in a misguided attempt to control the spread of bovine TB. If the cull does go ahead as planned, at least 70% of badgers in large areas of the country, many of them healthy, will be killed. We simply cannot let that happen. read More



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If you shop with Amazon please use our link. For every pound you spend Amazon will donate money to us. Just click on the link and shop as normal. You pay and buy through Amazon and have all your consumer rights. By using our link Amazon sends us a tiny percentage of your purchase without affecting the cost to you. Every little helps.

Amazon has an incredible diversity of products to suit every person for every occasion and just about every need so please think about shopping with them and helping us.

The link for Amazon can be found on most of the pages on this site and is below. Just click onto the link and you can shop with Amazon and help our wildlife.






We are run totally by volunteers. Our volunteers are dedicated and come from a wide range of backgrounds and all bring something special to our team. Volunteers


IFAW Animal Action Award was presented to Anne Brummer at the House of Lords 18th October 2011. The award was as recognition for her work in animal rescue.



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