Hedgehogs & Bonfires

Don't let them burn.   Hedgehogs hibernate in late autumn when just about all their food supply has itself either hibernated, migrated or gone deep into the ground. They then find somewhere dry and start building a nest.

This hibernacle will be their winter bed. Often hedgehogs use the spaces under a shed, in compost heaps, in a hedgehog house provided or find a nice sheltered hedge. Unfortunately, at this time year bonfires are common throughout the UK and a bonfire would look like a good resting place to a hibernating hedgehog.  

If you are a local school having a bonfire we will check it for you free of charge. We can talk to the children and will even bring along some of our spiny guests to show you what we are looking for.  

The best way to build a bonfire, as any boy scout will know, is to keep the wood dry as you collect maybe under a tarpaulin or some sort of structure and then build the bonfire on the day. This will prevent any sleepy hedgehogs getting caught in the blaze.  

Enjoy bonfire night safely and please remember the hedgehogs. Why not download one of our posters and put it up in your workspace or school.      

Two hedgehog homes above, one created by us and the other created by nature.

A pre-release pen where hedgehogs learn to forage and they are weaned of un-natural food before going to their final pen for release.

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