Collared Dove: Lulu

It was a peaceful day today with just one admission coming into lovely! A lovely lady brought in this tiny grounded Collared Dove. She has

been watching it in her garden all morning to keep an eye on her and make sure she stayed out of trouble. Lulu does not look very young, but she in in fact a juvenile Dove - probably out beginning life away from the safety of mum and dad. She cannot fly, and remained grounded for the whole morning before coming to us. 

We are keeping her tucked up in a warm nest with our fingers crossed she will regain enough energy and strength to begin to fly again. She may well have flown into a window or patio doors, causing bruising to her wings, and that is why she is choosing not to fly.

Let's hope tiny Lulu brings peace at last here at the rescue for Christmas 


After a few weeks in our indoor runs, Lulu regained her strength and we were able to release her from a pre-release aviary. We are very happy with the end result and that the lovely lady got her into us in time. 


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