Abbie the hedgehog

Poor Abbie, came to us in a very sorry state. She was found very lethargic in a garden, thankfully the kind homeowner called us as soon as she found her. She had a very swollen and hard stomach and her rear leg was being pushed out to the side. We knew it was an infection,

the smell was horrific, she couldn't curl properly. The angle of the leg suggested a break but the size of the infection could cause a permanent injury.

Our vets saw to Abbie straight away so we could begin her treatment. She was put under anaesthetic, so x-rays could be taken. We were able to see that she had a huge cyst that needed draining. Thankfully, the rear leg was not broken! It was just so swollen that it was pushing the leg out sideways. The cyst was drained successfully - which was definitely not a procedure for the faint hearted! Abbie was underweight and dehydrated she must of been in so much pain.

Abbie started a course of antibiotics & painkillers to make her as comfortable as possible during her recovery. She is doing really well in our care, and her appetite is now back to what it should be so she is slowly putting on weight. We are just so pleased that it was nothing more sinister as the outcome would not have been so happy!

Abbie was released home on the 7th June.

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