Ducklings: 5

These 5 little sweeties arrived this week. Unfortunately, their mum was hit by a car in Camberley and 4 of their siblings were then hit too.

Sadly, they didn't make it to us. The wonderful guys at the RSPCA shop in Bagshot called us to let us know what had happened and see if we could help! 

Just as we were about to whisk out the door to capture the remaining orphans, Nick from the local golf club gave us a call. He had already been down there, seen what happened and scooped them all up into a rather large IKEA bag - this is how easy all rescues should be!!!

They have made it into us safe and sound, and are currently residing in one of our specialised incubators to destress. They have a good supply of fresh water and food so they can start gaining weight and growing rapidly. These little ones have definitely not had the best start in life, but we will try to be the best mum replacements that we can be. 

They are incredibly messy little babies, so we are making sure they are cleaned out umpteen times a day to make sure they are clean and healthy 24/7.



These guys have made their way to the amazing team at Swan Support to finish off their rehabilitation in their caring hands. 


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