Blackbird: Kale, Rue & Calla

We had 3 fledgling blackbirds that have come into our care over the last few weeks. They all came in separately, from different locations and

different stories. One was found in the garden being attacked by a mob of magpies, one was brought into the house by the homeowners cat and the last was found in the garden being played with by some cats. 

All have had antibiotics to make sure there is no infections from the bacteria in the cats claws. The smallest had very laboured breathing when he first came in so we were worried something sinister was lurking. However, over the first few days he improved dramatically. 

They all started off separately because they were different ages and at different stages of weaning. The smallest - - was being fed every few hours, the middle one - - was in the process of being weaned and the eldest - - was completely self feeding. 

Once he started his weaning process, he went in with the other one until they were both self feeding. As soon as they were all together they created their own little group ready for release. 

They will go into our outside runs in the next week to get them ready for the big wide world. 

Kale, Rue and Calla had a younger friend join their trio. We pushed back moving them into the outdoor runs slightly to let the smaller one catch up growth wise and let him settle into the group. It is so sweet to watch them though - the eldest feeds the younger ones before she eats herself. It just shows how maternal Blackbirds are, even at such a young age. We are sure these 4 will be absolutely fine on release, and will hopefully stick together afterwards. 


These 3 - plus another fledgling - have finally made their way into pre-release runs for the final part of their rehabilitation. The doors will be opened in a couple of weeks for them all to fly free! We wish them the best of luck.


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