Tawny Owl: Snapdragon & Venus

These two beautiful Tawny Owl chicks have come into us this week. They came in from West Chiltington after a tree fell down in a nearby

park. When someone went over to check the tree, they - thankfully - found these 2 huddled up among the debris.

They are doing extremely well and are eating loads throughout the day. We are feeding them by hand but they should really be feeding themselves soon, so weaning will begin!

We are monitoring their weight, since birds of prey need to put on quite a lot of weight starting from an early age. They both make the most adorable little noises to each other and also call for mum - which we gladly respond to with food! 

Owls can easily imprint, and since these guys are so young it is a very worrying possibility. We are keeping them out of the way from people in the rescue and only going in to them when they need feeding. This will minimise the amount of human contact they are exposed to and hopefully, the weaning process will be a quick one and they will not continue to rely on us so heavily for food.

Here is a little video of these siblings chatting to each other!

These two have gained 2 more friends whilst being with us! Another two Tawny chicks came in separately to us and so we have made a group of 4 so they can all be released together. They are all getting on well, one is slightly older so the younger three are picking up how to feed themselves off him - which is brilliant for us! 

These four have gone into our outdoor run to get some much needed exercise and enable them to start flying - which they all did pretty much straight away!! They will soon be released, once all their adult feathers have completely come through.  

These guys have gained a friend called Boris who has joined them in the outdoor run. He needs to build up a bit of muscle after his stint in our indoor run - this shouldn't take too long and we are sure the chicks will keep him on his toes. Hopefully, he will teacher the younger ones some tricks before their final release. 

They seem to all be getting on and there is enough space for them all to prevent any quarrels. They are nearly back in the wild where they belong, hopefully in the next few weeks we can open the doors. 


Our Tawny Owl chicks - along with Boris - are making their way to the wild this week. We have opened the doors so they have the full use of the run for a while during the transition. It has been lovely to see them grow from tiny, fluffy chicks to the beautiful adults they are now. Here is some pictures of them just before the doors were opened. 

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