Duck: Darius

Darius came into us a couple of weeks ago. He couldn't even stand up by himself, and if he tried he would flip onto his back, unable to

right himself. He was in a sorry state and was refusing to eat or drink. We think he has lead poisoning, which very few ducks survive. 

However, he had a girlfriend back on the lake and we refused to give up on him.

He was put on a specialised course of medication to see if we could get him through. Because he couldn't walk, we had to adapt his indoor run so that he could access his food and water without having to physically get up. We also would get him up every other day to try and get him to use his legs with our support. 

2 weeks down the line and we couldn't believe how much he had transformed - he is now walking! Although he wasn't walking far, he could get up and down and walk short distances without flipping over at all! We were so happy, as we had all fallen in love with the little guy. 


Unfortunately, Darius lost his battle with the lead poisoning. We are absolutely gutted. Very few ducks can make it through such an ordeal, but Darius seems to be responding to the medication - but only enough to allow him to walk slightly. After, his improvement seemed to stop and he wasn't getting any better we wanted to try him on one final course, to see if we could boost him enough to fully recover. But his body wasn't able to fight against the lead. 

It is so, so important that all you fisherman out there tidy away your equipment after being out on the lakes. It has such a devastating affect on our wildlife; most of which people don't see the full extent of. Not only have we had ducks affected by lead poisoning, but we have also had many Tawny Owls and corvids that have got tangled in fishing wire or have had hooks through their wings. It is such an easy thing to fix, simply by taking 5 minutes to make sure you haven't left anything behind before you leave - you will save many lives!


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