Fox: Althea

Our first fox cub has finally arrived in the rescue! We have named her Althea and she is just an adorable bundle of fluff. She was

found during the day sleeping out in plain site on her own. The amazing guys who found her did exactly as we would have done and waited for an hour for mum to come back and claim her. Sadly, her mum never returned to pick her up. 

Sometimes when a vixen gets spooked or disturbed, she will move all her cubs to a back up earth she has prepared. During this move, sometimes a cub will get dropped but she will usually always go back for it. This little one may have managed to wander out of the earth by herself and mum just could not find her. The guys who found her were not aware of any earths nearby and they did have a check round the garden. 

We thought it was best to bring Althea in instead of waiting any longer as she was starting to get cold. 

Althea started eating by herself almost straight away - which makes our job much, much easier! All she needs now is some friends to keep her company instead of just her teddy!


Althea was successfully released with our other fox cubs this year from our outside runs. They stayed in there for a few weeks so they could get used to their surroundings before we finally let them loose. We are still leaving food out for them just in case but they seem to be doing pretty well on their own. 


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