Duck: Scaffolding Accident

The amazing people at Heritage Scaffolding saved this girl after she bashed her head flying into their scaffolding! They scooped her up

straight away and called us immediately. They were really concerned about her and didn't want to waste any time before getting her into us.

She has some nerve damage and some small wounds...not to mention the thumping headache she must have too! She does not have much energy left but we are doing all we can to ensure she pulls through.

We have started her on some antibiotics and painkillers to minimise her suffering. We have also tube fed her so her energy levels should start to pick up over the next few days. 

It will be touch and go for a while but we will be monitoring her 24/7 to make sure she doesn't start to go downhill. 


Thank you so much Heritage Scaffolding!! 


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