Corporate Wildlife Gardens & Ponds

You don't need a large space to attract and care for wildlife. Does your company have lifeless, unloved areas that could be transformed?  Water is needed for all life and a water feature is a sure way to attract any wildlife.

From a bird bath to a carefully planned pond; the choice is limitless. You can plan the plants and design of your space for the maximum enjoyment of your employees and our native wildlife. From bird boxes to acres of land - the area does not matter. We are more than happy to advise you or your own landscape team free of charge, the goal is to get wildlife back in your space.

Wildlife gardens look 100% natural and attract all types of wildlife. For hedgehog friendly gardens read more here Hedgehogs in the Garden.  We also have 17 species of bats in the UK and all of them eat insects. They consume tons of them from spring to autumn. If you grow flowers that attract a range of creepy crawlies into your garden you can become a feeding station for a multitude of wildlife such as bats and birds and nature foots the bill. Your garden can be a true wildlife garden. You can encourage and support protected bats or indeed any species  Encouraging bats in your garden. Whatever your corporate style is you can encourage wildlife without compromise. Tranquil seating areas and relaxing areas can be defined in small spaces even in busy cities. Call us for more information and make your company a little greener.  



  For a complete wildlife garden, planning and installation service see our website at


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