These two big boys are “Tuddsworthy and William” and although not native they have been with us for many years. These creatures are like two little dinosaurs in their movements and looks. They are full of character, intelligent and very sensitive. 

Tuddy and Wills came to us from the Tortoise Trust several years ago.  They were originally bought  from a pet shop as European ‘tortoises’ at the time the pair fitted neatly into their hands. They are in fact  Sulcata or African Spur Thighed Tortoises.


Tuddy and Wills grew and grew. 

Tuddy appeared at the vets with a broken leg.  Tuddy’s shell was dented and Wills had pyramiding on his shell, both  are symptoms of bad diet. The Tortoise Trust contact the owners and helped them to provide the environment that Tuddy and Wills needed.

They don't hibernate so they need all year round heated accommodation. They can cope with the cold but in order to digest their food they must heat themselves up. They eat very bland food and cannot eat any fruits or things that once heated could  ferment in their stomach. The all over shell means there is no room for an expanding stomach and any upset can put pressure on vital organs.

They came to us via the Tortoise Trust after their current owner decided that they were too big for them to accommodate and care for. They need expensive specialist care as they have a very strict diet and have a temperature controlled room at 90 degrees. They are brothers and some time fight where  they  turn each other over to show dominance. We did separate them for  several months but they seemed to miss each other. When we put them back together they were very happy. They have separate heat lamps but seem to prefer to share one. They know their names and voices of certain people. They are like many animals driven by routine. They sleep through the night and spend the day grazing. We buy them weekly greens, spinach and kale as basic diet and we receive donations from the wonderful Waitrose for the vegetables that are used as treats. They love sweetcorn, tomatoes and carrots along with other seasonal greens. Tortoises are not native to this country but some have survived in the wild for long periods of time. If you find one, the chances are an owner somewhere is missing it. They eat a varied diet dependant on the species, so please check the species before you try to feed one. A very common cause of death in tortoises is bad diet.

Tuddy and Wills help us with education in schools and have been known to visit. They are very happy wandering around amongst people. As they get larger they are becoming harder to transport, they current weight over 25kg each 


They are currently housed in a hot room used by other wildlife. It’s not helpful as they have grown so much and they are an ever moving and very large trip hazard. Anne was left with a broken foot after tripping over one of them. We now want to move them to a new purpose built room and run to meet all their growing needs. We are fund-raising to achieve this and are grateful of any support. If you are interested in helping Tuddy and Will please go to this page for details. Tuddy and Wills New Accommodation Thanks you x is a very useful website for all things shelled. 

If you find one that needs help, ensure you keep the tortoise warm and make sure you are gentle with them. Their shells are sensitive as are the little characters inside them. Get them carefully to your nearest vet if injured or to a rescue centre. 

We estimate a cost of 19k. The plan is based on a standard stable and sizes are approximate and can vary for ease of build.


If you are able to supply any of the material below please let us know. This drawing is approximate and can vary. It may be possible to adapt a modular double stable block that can be purchased as a flat pack. We are open to suggestions we just want to provide the right space for Tuddy and Wills.

Thank you for looking at this.  

  • Timbers
  • Studwork
  • Roof trusses
  • Cladding
  • Felt or tiles for the roof
  • 120mm celetex insulation 
  • Concrete base approximately 22' x 12'
  • Heat lamps
  • Floor joists for insulated floor
  • Screed
  • Plasterboard
  • 3 x bulkhead lights
  • 300 x 4' round royal fence posts or create outside run
  • 3 x electric radiators
  • welded vinyl flooring 
  • skirting board for one stable 
  • Access pull hatch 
  • Electrical fixtures and fittings
  • Fixings
  • Door frames
  • Door furniture
  • Doors
  • Ceiling Insulation

Please contact Anne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details or help. 

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