Terina Notz

We have always lived in or near countryside and it is always a joy to be outside. I have a horse

so that is where I spend most of my time and being on horse back you can get closer to the wildlife. We feed the foxes down at the field and one cheeky vixen has been coming up in the morning letting me know that she and her cubs are ready for breakfast. Then it is seconds...if I am somewhere else in the field, she will come and find me. She will then follow me or trot on in front to the feeding spot. She has started to allow the young to come up to the dining area so we are having real therapy with her. 

It was funny one day as I was holding our yard cat, Tyke, the vixen and one of her young were partially obscured by something so knew I was there but could not see Tyke in my arms. They were trying to see and then saw Tyke and then it was, S***, F*** ITS THE CAT! and THEY WERE OFF!!!!!!


I excel at - I am determined, positive, good sense of humour, if I do not know something, or cannot do something I know a person who can (Anne said she wants me in her team when there is a war on!). I am willing to help anyone. 

I don’t excel at - Impatient, tunnel vision, cannot understand that if I can do something someone else cannot!

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