Martyn Day

We have a field and because of that we have our own private show of the local wildlife in our

area, it is a joy to see it on a daily basis. We have put up numerous bird boxes and added a barn owl suite to the barn, made to the plans we got from the Hawk Conservancy takers yet.

One good thing is that we have seen them in the area.

I have always loved nature, but having the field it has become a bigger part of my life. Because I work in engineering I recycle the swarf and scrap from work and this way I raise funds for wildlife charities in the local area. Also because family, friends, work colleagues etc. know what I do, we sometimes come home to find a pile of someones scrap metal.


I excel at - very handy, thoughtful, very wicked sense of humour and do not mind hard work. 

I don’t excel at - I get very frustrated when things do not go well, as everything I have in mind to do normally takes at least 3 attempts to get it as I see it in my minds eye! 

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