Ann Walters

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across hedgehogs in my garden..a sight not seen

since I was a child (many years ago now!) and that re-ignited my passion for these lovely animals which led me to Harper Asprey. I have been volunteering at the Rescue since October 2015 and it’s the best few hours of my week! Every week I see different animals and I’m always learning something new. As well as two children and a husband, I also look after a hamster, tropical fish, a tortoise and have recently taken two lovely moggies from the Cats Protection League. In addition, I feed the hedgehogs and garden birds and welcome any animal that wants to come to my garden - my husband recently commented that the animals are better looked after than him!


I excel at - administration (my day jobs).

I don’t excel at - being on time or avoiding stepping on poo!

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