Babs Francis

It was my granddad, the schools BBC nature broadcasts with the beautifully illustrated

accompanying booklet & David Attenborough that got me interested in all flora and fauna from a very early age. Mum would also attract all the waifs & strays and look after them. Although I continued with a career in chemical science, the love for nature never left me and I did an Ecology degree as a mature student. 

After developing a wildlife garden with pond/stream I would be out there early morning, go to work and then spend the evening there watching all the animals it attracted.

Retired now and joining the rescue since early last year (2014) is just wonderful, to work alongside such dedicated people gives me hope in a world that I was beginning to despair of, r.e animal abuse. To have the satisfaction of helping our furry & feathered friends to freedom is such a privilege.


I excel at - making sure their temporary accommodation is spotless … more so than my own home oops!

I don't excel at - SSHHH! in the rescue …  I talk & coo to all our 'patients' …  they must wish they had tiny ear plugs on Tuesdays & Fridays.

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