Valerie Harris

I've known of the rescue for some years having donated items and taking an injured bird  

there and I'm now happy to be part of this amazing team. 

I have been involved with animals of all species wild and domestic as a volunteer, pet owner and a previous job working as an Animal Nursing Assistant for a Vet practice.  

At present I own two disabled cats one of which came to me from Thailand. Both have cerebellar Hypoplasia. I also care for my elderly Mum's Chihuahua and a rescue Dwarf Hamster. I inherited a love of cats from my Mum and a love of birds from my Grandfather. I also have a passion for all rodents.


I excel at - being organised, cleaning, tidying up and worrying myself silly over things!

I don’t excel at - computers or anything mechanical or electrical and I'm scared of heights!


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