Terence Turvey

I have been volunteering with Harper Asprey since 2016 primarily focused

around fundraising activities and running events. I am a retired British Gas (as was) manager with a lifelong interest in all things engineering related so I am handy when it comes to fixing gazebos and other practical challenges. I can be found 'performing' with Billy the Badger at fundraising events. 

My other major preoccupations are as Finance Director for our consulting company together with playing golf - tirelessly! I caught the golf bug after retiring from playing football semi-professionally for Farnborough Town and being the squash professional at Lakeside Country Club. My love and knowledge of countryside and nature is often based on golf courses I know and their various inhabitants.

My family have always been nature and conservation aware and that has rubbed off over the years. I am part of a family team including Sheela Moran and my son Max Turvey and we generally fundraise as a team alongside other volunteers. 

I excel at - fixing things. 

I don’t excel at - listening and whilst I know patience is a virtue, it's one I am still working on!

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