Sheela Moran

I have been volunteering with Harper Asprey since Spring 2016. At that

time I was working away from the area but am now back in Surrey Heath and when volunteering I am focused on supporting fundraising activities.

I am an English graduate who has worked in IT all my career due largely to serendipity - I attended an interview for a graduate placement that I had no idea was in IT and much to everyone else's annoyance I got the job! Several years of global travel and corporate life later I set up my own business and have consulted successfully for companies large and small ever since.

My family background is Irish and I enjoy reconnecting with that however and whenever I can. My subsistence farming background has given me a love of countryside and a respect for the earth's resources and wildlife. Whilst I love the wildlife I am happy to play to my strengths and major on fundraising and awareness by attending many of the local events that I always have, but on the other side of a stall these days. You can see me often with the family team of Terence Turvey & Max Turvey strutting our fundraising stuff!

I excel at - just getting on with it. 

I don’t excel at - accepting no for an answer and have been known to sulk.

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