Adrienne Marlow

I work for Historic Royal Palaces, I'm a Driving Instructor and I have 2 young children but

whenever I can I love to help HAWR, mainly as a collections volunteer. It's great to be able to assist a caring member of the public who can't bring the injured animal to the rescue centre. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a love, curiosity, interest & passion for wildlife and a natural desire to protect all creatures great and small. 

I hope to involve my children more as they grow up as I believe it's important to educate them about wildlife care & protection from an early age. My highlight so far at HAWR has to be 'fawn sitting'! 

I excel at - driving to new locations easily and general organisation & planning. 

I don’t excel at - small talk with humans and I'm slightly OCD and a control freak!

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